Hong Kong

aka Fragrant Harbour

Hong Kong is the fusion of the East and the West.  After more than 156 years of British governance now it is the Special Administrative Region of PRC and one of the most densely populated places in the world. The city managed to sustain the balance between modernity and tradition and as result Hong Kong is one of the most diverse metropolises alongside New York and London. Although the Chinese influence over the city can be felt more intensively these days than before.

What I really admire about Hong Kong - and that made me go back more times than to any other places in Asia - is its vibrant city life and the multi-cultural atmosphere. It is tidy but messy, modern but traditional, dirty but clean, organized but unorganized, Cantonese but Western.

Hong Kong’s elevated walkways and layered topography project an image from the future. This connectivity provides the informal social veins on which the city thrives. By this connectivity Hong Kong encourages you to walk and it works so well, that the air pollution level is not even close to the Chinese measures.

I am fascinated by the city’s many faces: if you go towards south you will discover the lively SOHO full of bars and restaurants, all the famous high rise bank buildings and if you go a bit further you may find yourself in a completely different world in Stanley. Stanley has a fantastic waterfront with shops and restaurants – which I didn’t know about until my last visit - , it is spacious without high rise buildings, and it has lovely sandy beaches. On the other hand if you go towards the north it gets louder, a bit messier a bit more Chinese and if you don’t get off the train on time, you will find yourself on the border with China. This is not necessarily bad, because eventually the New Territories has excellent surf beaches and amazing hiking spots.

Hong Kong is not only the modern financial centre of South East Asia, but it has wonderful scenery too. There are always new places to discover including many neighbouring small islands. Every single point of Hong Kong is connected to the other via a very developed transportation system which is another thing I highly appreciate and am amazed by its efficiency.

Just talking about it makes me want to go back again. Probably it’s just me, but I love Hong Kong :)


Hong Kong
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