Leaving Asia

The end of an era

Leaving Asia is harder than I thought. These years living in China were more than amazing. As an architect I have gained a lot of experience, worked on huge and exciting projects, had to face many challenges of the profession and I'm happy that I was always able to provide a solution. Also, I was surrounded by talented architects who I could learn a lot from and I am very thankful for that.

It was great that I could attended to many interesting lectures including the ones of Tadao Ando, Eva Franch, Daniel Liebeskind, Robert Greenwood and Masami Kobayashi. I was lucky to meet some amazing people who are my good friends now and travelled to wonderful places I have never thought I would be able to visit.

Eventually living so far from home and in an absolutely different culture makes one stronger, more open minded and very adaptive. I would recommend it to everyone that at least once go and live abroad, because it has completely changed my world in an absolutely positive way.

I enjoyed learning Chinese too - however I think I should have put more effort into it - and became confident using the language in basic situations thanks to the fantastic teacher we had. Actually it's not as hard as it sounds.

Work kept me busy until my last day, but then I had a week just to wander around in the city with my camera and record some extra memories. I'm definitely going to miss Shanghai. Despite the average high pollution in the city there were many stunning days, too! I usually had my camera prepared at home, because I started to work on a time lapse project. Later I combined it with other records made at different locations of Shanghai.

Here is the result:

It is very exciting to be back to Europe again, but strange too. It looks like the culture shock works the other way around as well. It will take some time to get used to this environment too, but I am confident that coming back was a very good decision and there are many new and thrilling challenges ahead of me. I am looking forward to facing them :)


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