First impressions for the third time

It is hard to believe that I arrived more than a month ago. Days are going like a high speed train. Memories from Shanghai are still very alive, but now I feel that London is the right place for me to settle down – forever, hopefully.

Of course, the first couple of weeks were spent with comparisons to China mainly, like “where are the directions from the street signs? It is impossible to figure out where North and South is in this city” and like “I only want to eat Asian food” and “Oh yeah! Eventually I can step on the grass in the park…even I can lay down and hang out there the whole day” kind of cry outs. Plus it is weird to finally understand every single thing what is going on around me. But it is absolutely fantastic!

Once I had this conversation with a friend, who is still in Shanghai, that today’s society is facing a new kind of psychological issue – if we can call it that way: How to deal with moving between countries or even between continents and with finding your place and friends over and over again? Or, where is home? This is a very interesting question, because even the home – our childhood home – isn’t home anymore. We fell out with friends and big events in their lives, despite the internet and the infinite selection of communication tools, we can’t always be there as we would if lived in the same country. What am I trying to say with this? That it is hard to move to a new place, even if everything is settled. You can’t prearrange your new friends and lifestyle, can you?

So yes. New life. Every beginning is difficult. It is indeed. But exciting. Exciting, because living in London is a dream come true. Very sentimental, but true. I am also super excited about finding my next job here. I missed out a lot from London’s architectural development in the past 5 years but I can’t wait to be a part of it. Of course I have been following the news about the Shard – even visited the Renzo Piano workshop in Shanghai - , the Walkie Talkie, and the Cheese grater while Fosters’ tower is drafted by the giants. But looking at them all at once was something completely new. I have a lot to learn about the city, and catch up on UK architectural stuff but I think I am doing just fine. I have already attended at a BIM breakfast hosted by Graphisoft and a few weeks later at the ArchiCAD user conference where I have been introduced to the latest version of the software and its new functions. It looks much better now, and it is unbelievable how smoothly it works with Rhino and Grasshopper! I have decided to do a play day with these little toys and see what we can do together.

And because it is London, there is always something going on. This time the Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 #CDW2016 presented amazing showrooms and open days at architect studios. I had such a great time at Hamiltons Architects and totally loved Ben Adams’ orangebox showroom building! Also had a look at Fosters’ overpriced lamps at Aram store.

Oh, and went to see the Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery! It was fantastic! After that, for the first time I walked through the posh Chelsea and loved it too! There isn’t a day without doing something fun!

I just love London!


New life
Clerkenwell Design Week 2016