Silence is good

I have been silent in the past - nearly entire! - year. Don't worry, it's a good thing! Why? Because I have been busy working (!!!) and traveling of course. 

I joined Juice Architects in July last year where I have been learning a lot while working on a huge variety of very exciting projects both in London and elsewhere! This little studio is always full of challenges and full of good vibe and not to mention its incredible location: less than 10 minutes walk from home! And just to increase the excitement, I am beginning the process of getting my qualifications validated in the UK to become an A R C H I T E C T ! (Or I could also say: I will do everything to lose the 'assistant' from my title).

Traveling-wise (not sure whether this term exists, if not then I've just invented it), trying to catch up with the missed out European locations and of course overseas as well. So far Rome, Valencia and Stockholm got a tick on my European list and New York (yesss!! New York!!) on the overseas one! All the trips were great, I will write about them in more detail in different posts.

And the London life has been - as they say - so far so good. Doing a lot of discoveries, little trips to the surrounding places, and still there's a lot to explore. But I keep loving it.

And it is very good to be so close to home, especially because this year demanded me going home a few times due to some very sad events and I have no idea how I would have dealt with all this from Shanghai.

The weather hasn't been too bad either. Last year's summer was especially good! Unfortunately this year we weren't so lucky but I rather have this than the heatwave that hit Europe this summer. 

So as for the future plans, some home visiting is coming up soon and after that going to Granada with some friends! I can't believe that last time I was there was 1,5 years ago. 

And of course some big things are coming as well, but it's too soon to mention anything :)